Although, no doubt, we shall have more cold, wet and windy days yet, I think I can declare that here in my little kingdom on the hill, yesterday, Valentine's, was the first day of spring. There was something differnt about the air, and today, suddenly, it is warm as it has not been so far this year. The air wraps around one like a comforter instead of biting one's hand as a wake up call. The cat is sitting on the wall enjoying the warmth of the stone, instead of lifting her feet carefully to minimise the sensation of cold and wet. Everything is suddenly in bud. I have pruned the roses in the rose garden. They have a multitude of little growth points. I shall leave the ones in the front garden a little longer as they get less sun. I even did a bit of work on my trench digging project yesterday - not too much as with such heavy labour one has to break oneself in by degrees. Tara loves dashing in and out of the trench and climbing the hill of earth spoil. I have to be careful when throwing out spadefuls of earth not to bury her. The sky is blue. This morning the three quarter diminishing moon hung high over the quad between our pale stone buildings, gazing toward the east where the sun was rising. There was a great peace upon the earth. My happy feeling is overflowing.

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  • In the morning, before breakfast, bird song. There will be bird song now every morning until November.

  • Yes, I have the same feeling...Here, in the north of Spain, the mimosas are in full bloom announcing the arrival of spring colouring the landscape in yellow anf filling the air with sweet scents

  • It just never gets 'old' David

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