WEDNESDAY 3 FEB; Pains and Poems

Behind the scene Amida members are working to organise some extra hands at Eleusis. I am quite healthy... except a leg problem. This morning I postponed my operation for a new hip. I was supposed to be operated on next week. As long as David is still in hospital and not everything is clear about his health situation, I prefer to stay near.

Some extra hands for all the practical work at Eleusis are very welcome. For example, we are running out of wood for the woodstove. There is lots of dry wood to collect in the woods, but I can hardly walk. It is nice that Adam will soon arrive to join us.


Especially now that David seems to have a hip problem too. Since yesterday evening David has been having a terrible pain in his right hip. He can hardly move and even to change his position in bed is very painful. When he is walking to the toilet he needs my crutches. I had to buy crutches for my up-coming operation. (I can still walk without them at the moment).Of course, we asked the doctor why David is having this pain. The doctor is thinking he has osteoarthritis in his hip. If this is true, then David is having the same problem as me, but worse... when I see how much pain he is in now.

I am not convinced. The pain seems sharp like a knife when he is moving and I wonder if osteoarthritis can appear so suddenly? He has never had pain in his hip before. The doctor has told us that they will do an x-ray to find out. So, new test results to wait for.The body scan of yesterday was good. Nothing to worry about. So that is good news.


I spent most of the days in hospital. Time flies. The days already fall into a ritual: in the morning we read all the personal messages together, then a pot of tea with a croissant or a piece of chocolate. Later on we read poetry together, or play a game of chess, or both and at the end of the day write the daily.


Today is a bit different because of David's pain. I feel a bit more worried. It is not easy to see some one you love in pain. I could not hide my worries and tears so David distracted me from my worries about him by reading out loud a beautiful poem of Chi – Ji, a Chinese poet Buddhist monk (864 – 937). We read several poems together.


While David was explaining some of the poems it was time for the daily afternoon drink. A young nurse came into the room to ask what David wants to drink. One by one more nurses came into the room. His grape juice was delivered by four nurses, in a wide range of age from 20 something till 50 something smiling and making jokes with him.

It must be because of the attractive new stockings (for good blood circulation) David is wearing, that he attracts so many nurses in his room...

Last night, when David could not sleep, he wrote a poem 'Measuring Stones' himself about his experience in hospital. You can read the poem here.

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  • A lot of courage for you both is necessary now. Wangmo and I are sending a lot of love.

  • I salute your loving care Elja. I hope the pain eases soon Dharmavidya. thank you for keeping us in touch and I send many loving thoughts Namo amida Bu Modgala

  • Sudden onset pain, sharp like this and so bad might be a "slipped disc". It can be agonizing if it catches and presses on the spinal nerve. The referred pain can feel like it is in the hip and also going down the outside of the leg. Being stuck on a hospital bed and not able to move around normally might be responsible. I don't think osteoarthritis could come on so fast. It can be agonizing.
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