WEEKEND 3-4 Sept ~ Berries, Conversation & Iris

 We are a community of three once again, now that Elja is back. It is blackberry season and we have been picking berries and she making syrups in the kitchen.

I have been doing some woodwork and the hut in the barn now has a roof, effectively giving us an extra room.

Sunday morning we had a service. Patrick and Annette came from Oasis and we spent time afterwards drinking coffee and talking about the issue of how affluence does not necessarily make people happy.

I am currently reading one of Iris Murdoch's less well known novels called The Unicorn. As with all her works of fiction you can take it on a number of different levels - as an entertaining story, as a study of human characters and sexual relations, or as a reflection on such issues as freedom & guilt, good & evil, love & death. I am enjoying it greatly.

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  • It is a good balance between creative, intellectual and physical tasks - the kind of ideal life that most people can't stand. :-)

  • Life sounds relaxed and peaceful for you.
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