PODCAST GS87 2022 1206 Healing the Heart

PODCAST GS86 2022 1130 Dharma Whirlwind

PODCAST GS85 2022 1123 Café Buddhism

PODCAST GS84 Examine Life without Judgement

PODCAST GS83 2022 1106 Small Awakenings

PODCAST GS82 2022 1102 Poetic Power

PODCAST GS81 2022 1026 Skandhas

PODCAST GS80 2022 1026 Tilopa

PODCAST GS79 2022 1019 In a Smile of a Frown

PODCAST GS78 2022 1005 Rescued by Mallika

PODCAST GS77 2022 0928 Dharma Beyond Form

PODCAST GS76 2022 0922 Dharma without form

PODCAST GS75 2022 0907 Change within Constancy

PODCAST GS74 2022 0905 Faith Belief & Metaphysics

PODCAST GS73 2022 0824 Devotion Essential to Buddhism

PODCAST GS72 2022 0803 Starting from experience

PODCAST GS71 2022 0706 Poetry as practice

PODCAST GS70 2022 0622 Avidya

PODCAST GS69 2022 0615 Oasis 2

PODCAST GS68 2022 0525 Offering the Heart

PODCAST GS67 2022 0511 Bodhisattva Therapists

PODCAST GS66 2022 0504 No Burnout

PODCAST GS65 2022 0427 Awakening is not Caused by Progression

PODCAST GS64 2022 0413 Life in Colour

PODCAST GS63 2022 0330 The therapy of Kisagotami

PODCAST GS62 2022 0309 Ego

PODCAST GS61 2022 0302 Mahayana and Hinayana

PODCAST GS60 2022 0223 Buddhism as Psychology

PODCAST GS59 How Buddhism Came to China

PODCAST GS58 2022 0209 Eternity

PODCAST GS57 2022 0202 Pray for one another 

PODCAST GS56 2022 0111 Nagarjuna

PODCAST GS55 2021 1221 Faith Long Term

PODCAST GS54 2021 1123 Facilitator

PODCAST GS53 2021 1012 Purpose 

PODCAST GS52 2021 1005 Imagination

PODCAST GS51 2021 0928 Ocean Samadhi

PODCAST GS50 2021 0921 The Consciousness Element

PODCAST GS49 2021 0921 The Space Element

PODCAST GS48 2021 0921 The Fire Element

PODCAST GS47 2021 0921 The Air Element

PODCAST GS46 2021 0921 The Water Element

PODCAST GS45 2021 0921 The Earth Element

PODCAST GS44 2021 0907 The Buddhist Message

PODCAST GS43 2021 0831 Philia

PODCAST GS42 2021 0807 Forgetting the self

PODCAST GS41 2021 0727 Feed the soil firm the root

PODCAST GS40 2021 0714 Bottomless Greed, Hate and Delusion

PODCAST GS39 2021 0702 Old Patterns

PODCAST GS38 Don't Try to Fix Yourself

PODCAST GS37 The Precept of Gratitude

PODCAST GS36 Empowerment

PODCAST GS35 Satsang


PODCAST GS33 Learning from Conflict

PODCAST GS32 A Little Poison

PODCAST GS31 The Bodhisattva

PODCAST GS30 Grief & Inspiration

PODCAST GS29 Teacher & Disciple: Direct & Indirect

PODCAST GS28 Infinite Light

PODCAST GS27 Old Plum Tree

PODCAST GS26 Prayer without Words

PODCAST GS25 Under the Rose Apple Tree

PODCAST GS24 Nembutsu for Ordinary Life

PODCAST GS23 Transmission of a Text

PODCAST GS22 Three Ancestors

PODCAST GS21 Skanda are Empty in the Heart

PODCAST GS20 Shravaka Disciple

PODCAST GS19 Best Mother

PODCAST GS18 Vajrasattva

PODCAST GS17 Bowing in Emptiness


PODCAST GS15 Working with Stones

PODCAST GS14 Wheel of Life

PODCAST GS13 Translission

PODCAST GS12 Sweeping the Carpet

PODCAST GS11 Buddhist Psychology of Encounter

PODCAST GS10 Buddhist Psychology

PODCAST GS09 The Illusory "Real World"

PODCAST GS08 Courage

PODCAST GS07 Conceit of Self

PODCAST GS06 Contrition

PODCAST GS05 Where Now?

PODCAST GS04 Discipleship

PODCAST GS03 Investigation of Dharma

PODCAST GS02 Who Shall Adorn a Land of Bliss?

PODCAST GS01 Global Sangha in a Changed World


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