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Please can people write here any specialist skills/strengths they feel they have that may or may not be relevant as we progress through the barn conversion?. Robert has already mentioned that hes built a mud hut and does massage. Both of which have a place on a building project in my opinion!. This discussion can then be used as a reference point for planning different stages of the actual work.

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  • I have worked a few months on an construction site in the south of spain. It was actually an old almost ruined landhouse, in the middle of nowhere, which needed te be rebuilt. It turned out quite nice:

    In renovating my house (1930) in Amsterdam, I did a great deal myself, deconstructing - designing- constructing. I had the help of a very nice professional Bulgarian Gipsy, and although we didnot really have a language to communicate, we understood each other perfectly. I really apreciated his open mind, his creative manner to solve problems and his refreshing gipsy mentality!

  • Hi Michael,  In 1987 I hand built a mud brick house with my then partner. And we also built a mud pottery studio and carport We also did much renovation work over the years.  Having said that I dont have conventional skills of much use re modern buildings.  And I just bought a little stepper type gadget as the start of my getting fit for eleusis.

  • I have no trained building skills but have done a great many things learning as I go along at Eleusis. When I first went there I was frightened of heights, but then I had to repair the barn roof and take down the old roof on the other barn that we now use for meditation. In the end I was walking along the tops of walls three metres high. It is amazing what you learn and overcome when you need to.

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