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Butterflies of Eleusis

There are countless butterflies at Eleusis. Lavender, roses, lilacs along with wild flowers and herbs spread a fine, irresistible fragrance throughout the garden and forest. It is such a delight to interrupt the work and watch these beautiful, dreaml

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In Germany this is called hugelkultur. You can look it up on the web. It is a way of making a garden bed that is relatively drought resistant, by burying wood. The wood rots and becomes a sponge which retains water. It can be done on a big scale if y

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La Ville au Roi stands upon a low hill. The hill is made of limestone. The buildings are made from it. The soil, such as it is, sits upon it. When you dig you run into it. It is useful - if you can get it out. Mostly, fortunately, it is in flat piece

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Are you experienced?

Please can people write here any specialist skills/strengths they feel they have that may or may not be relevant as we progress through the barn conversion?. Robert has already mentioned that hes built a mud hut and does massage. Both of which have a

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