La Ville au Roi stands upon a low hill. The hill is made of limestone. The buildings are made from it. The soil, such as it is, sits upon it. When you dig you run into it. It is useful - if you can get it out. Mostly, fortunately, it is in flat pieces that are the size a man can lift. Sometimes, however...


I got it out eventually, then there was the job of moving it the 40 metres or so to where I wanted it. A wheelbarrow is not much use for this kind of job. It would just get flattened, so one has to resort to the ways of the old Egyptians.




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  • Love the photo of Tara :-). Reminds me of the story of the guy who was smuggling wheelbarrows (or bicycle, depending on the story). The empty wheelbarrow on top of the rock being "inspected" by the inspector. The large rock in plain sight underneath...
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