Artemis (Ἄρτεμις) is the goddess of wild things. Her Latin name is Diana. At La Ville she presides over the wildest part of the forest. Her land is bounded by that of Demeter to the south, Eirene to the west and Aphrodite to the north. Entering her domain from Demeter's you follow the path through the wood past a fire altar to Artemis.

Artemis is also the goddess of chastity. She has no sexual relations. In her relation to wilderness, she is the opposite of Demeter. In her relation to sex, she is the opposite of Aphrodite.

Artemis is an angry goddess, easily roused to rage and vengeance. If you are feeling angry, vengeful or bitter, you can go to the Artemis Forest and Artemis will understand your passion. You can tell her your plaint and shout and rage in the forest.

According to tradition, Artemis and Aphrodite are the most beautiful goddesses. Men cannot resist their charm. However, while Aphrodite loves sex, Artemis punishes or kills her suitors. She is the archetypal unobtainable beauty.

Artemis is goddess of the moon, especially the crescent.

She is associated with deer and with bears. There are deer living in Artemis's land at La ville, but no bears. In some places where Artemis was worshipped, young girls would serve the temple and during their year of service were called little bears.




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