Eirene, (Εἰρήνη) also spelt Irene, is the goddess of peace. She presides over the land immediately in front (on the west side) of the house, including the old and new gardens, the east meadow and, beyond the trees to the north, the Champ de la Ville au Roi, which is the area where the bonfire curcle is located.

There is a stone shrine to Irene, mother of Dharmavidya, in this territory. 

Eirene looks after the children of Demeter. She is motherly and kind so all the children trust her, especially Plautos, the god of prosperity. Peace nurtures prosperity. The mother of prosperity is the productivity of Mother Earth (Demeter), but Plautos needs the care and protection of Eirene to grow and thrive.

Sitting in the gardens at La Ville, you can experience peace and transquility and be close to Eirene.

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