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Oasis de Longue Vie is a residence for persons of Buddhist faith in later years of life. In effect, the Oasis group are our neighbours, being situated only a couple of villages away from La Ville au Roi (Eleusis) in Cher in France. We are frequent visitors to each other and share much time and activity.

Le projet est de créer un lieu pouvant accueillir des personnes, pratiquantes du dharma, dont la motivation est de se retrouver dans un cadre favorable à la préparation spirituelle de leur vieillesse et de la mort.

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  • Thank you Annette for this. It is also wonderful for us to have Oasis so close - such good neighbours.

  • Oasis of Long Life is an innovative project in France. The first batch of French Buddhists have reached the stage when age and sometimes ailments prevent them from visiting existing buddhist centers. This is precilsely at the crucial time in one's life when one feels the need to prepare for the last journey with a proper view of the Dharma in  suitable surroundings among friends who share similar aspirations. Applying  the first paramita, the founders motivation is also one of solidarity and mutual aid. Different teachings by Lamas and Rinpochtes have been given at Oasis where regular practices and meditation are also taking place. The proximitiy of Eleusis is a great privilege for Oasis. Dharmavidya came in July 2015 for a joint teaching with Lama Sherab Namdreul (Tibetan Kagyu Shangpa school)on the topic of "emotions".We hope and pray for ever more enriching encounters.

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    Oasis de Longue Vie ~ Notre parc
    Notre parc au fil des saisons... Les Oasiens et leurs amis de passage se promènent volontiers dans ce havre de paix et de sérénité. près du sequoia…
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