Modes of Growth and Healing

Massimo wrote...... This Serapis space is very interesting. I was wandering if it would be possible to dedicate a corner of it to group practices that are not explicitly "therapeutic" but have very much to do with curing and healing as they help people to re-think their ways of living and working and to open new paths of individual and meta-individual understanding. I recently carried out a group counseling intervention in an ICT company with colleagues of mine. It was not easy but in the end it was a success. Very rewarding. It is probably an example of the kind of new therapeusis (how to call it?) that I would like to reflect about. Maybe it has something to do with Rogers' groups (but some research would be necessary for better focusing differences and similarities). The video (link below) has been produced by one of the participants in the intervention. He presented it in the last day of the intervention, in which we invited the participants to bring something which could symbolically witness the meaning for each one of the many hours spent together. He used many key words we suggested during the intervention....

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