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Aphrodite is the goddess of sex, beauty and bliss. Her Latin name is Venus. Thus she is patron of what, to modern eyes, might seem a collection of opposites: betrothal and prostitution, marriage and adultery, love and passion. Aphrodite especially he

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Hera (Ἥρα) married her bother Zeus and thus became the queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses. She is a jealous wife. Zeus is always having secret affairs and Hera is trying to thwart him and drive away her rivals. She is thus the goddess of marria

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Athena, whose Latin name is Minerva, is the goddess for disputes and justice, warfare and wisdom. If you are having a dispute you can go to Athena's Wood to settle the matter. It is across the lane from the domain of Eirene, beyond the second well. A

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Artemis (Ἄρτεμις) is the goddess of wild things. Her Latin name is Diana. At La Ville she presides over the wildest part of the forest. Her land is bounded by that of Demeter to the south, Eirene to the west and Aphrodite to the north. Entering her d

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