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QUESTION: What is the right attitude to have toward guilt feelings?

SHORT ANSWER: It is unproductive and wasteful of life to attack oneself for being what one is.


An Assault Upon Ourselves

First we must distinguish between guilt feelin

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SATURDAY 14 NOV 2015: Adios a la Culpa

Today we are in Bilbao leading a course called Adios a la Culpa which means "Goodbye to Guilt" but which carries (in Spanish) an undertone of giving the guilt to God since goodbye in Spanish is adios which is "to God". We are staying in an old monast

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This diagram shows the principal goddesses revered here. The vertical axis represents personal inner transformation toward love, faith and resilience, and the horizontal axis represents outer transformation and creation of a healthy, rich, sustainabl

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1148754895?profile=RESIZE_320x320This is a place for posting haiku.

A haiku is a 17 syllable poem, generally consisting of three lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively. Normally the final line gives a twist or "turn" to the meaning or makes a reference to the season of the year. Tr

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1148749512?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024This is a space for poems about Nature and the natural world. The picture shows spring buds on trees at La Ville au Roi. Eleusis is definitely a good place in which to worship nature and feel oneself come alive in communion with the natural world...

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One could characterise Zen Therapy as Existential Tactical Therapy. Existential because it is much concerned with meaning and purpose in life, with spiritual dimensions in collision with reality factors, and Tactical because it employs challenge, dis

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Ceremony & Worship

The Greeks did their ceremonies outdoors. They had temples many of which remain impressive landmarks, but these did not function like churches in present day religions. They were places for housing the images of the god and sometimes for other purpos

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You may be interested in the following fascinating information about links between the veneration of Aphrodite and of the Virgin Mary in Cyprus from Cyprus Events Net

The series of paintings and icons under the title Pantanassa came about as a resul

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Assisted Auto-analysis

This weekend we have just completed a workshop in Belgium at Zenshin-In on the theme "Anger, Blame, Guilt and Sorrow". This provided an excellent medium for personal growth work and to this end we thought in terms of assisted auto-analysis.

What do w

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The Hours

The Greeks had goddesses of the divisions of the day. These were the Horai, or Hours.

Auge = first light

Anatole = dawn

Musica = music & study

Gymnastica = gym hour

Nymphe = bathing

Messembria = noon

Sponde = libations hour

Elete = prayer

Cypris = ea

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