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A Song to Eleusis

Eleusis, here I stand, 

your land is our companion,

your sky is over us all,

your life is our deepener.

Heaven and Earth were the parents of Rhea, 

grandparents of our Lady Demeter,

our patron of fertility and eternal life,

goddess who grieves and g

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This is a record of some of the spaces that we intend to convert. It will be interesting at a later date to compare the finished results as they arrive. It will probably take a good length of time, but if we proceed steadily all can be done. The Acro

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The journey of the Heart

The original therapeutae were healers who lived in communities in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. From their name comes the modern term therapy. To heal means to cure, save, and make whole, sound and well. To be healthy in body, mind and so

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Demeter is the ancient Greek goddess of grain, especially wheat, the fromental goddess. The nearest village to Eleusis is Bessais-le-Fromental. Eleusis is in the middle of fields of grain, not far from great rivers (Loire, Allier, Cher) and dark fore

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