Chapter 7 - Bad Road b

Chapter 7 - Bad Road b
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  • Nam' Myoho Renge Kyo ! I hope your journey goes well. Thank you for sharing it with us. I like the picture very much. I pray that many good things await you in your new abode. The phases of life are many.

  • Namo Amida Bu
  • In Chapter 7 of the Lotus Sutra titled the Magic City we have one of the major parables which is a story of travelers going to a distant place. The road is dangerous and unknown. The travelers seek out a guide who knows the way. There journey is to take 500 yojanas which is fundamentally a measure of distance which can be covered in one day, so it is ti be a 500 day journey. A lot will happen over the course of 500 days and untold distance. There will be death, birth, hunger, emergencies, repairs, some hunger perhaps. Many things will face the travelers.

    Today, 26 January, 2017 I begin what may be the final phase of life, though one hopes not. Well except for those who don't like me. My work in Charlotte is finishes and it was time to make new goals. I have always wanted to live in a place with abundant snow before I die. Syracuse NY was the place I decided upon a few years ago and that is where I am headed.

    My belongings were packed and loaded on a truck yesterday. Now it's me and my doggy and all that could fit in the car. We are a short distance from Charlotte and as the stress of getting the move done slowly leaves my body a pleasant tiredness has begun to settle.

    I do not anticipate my journey to be 500 days, nor as dangerous, at least I hope not. Regardless I have the Buddha and the wisdom of the Dharma to guide me and inform my discernment process as I begin this phase and find my new goals.
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