• Nice to hear from you Jan. Yes, we had a very pleasant morning. NAB :-)

  • I miss the Friday Oasis journey and even the French of which I understand so little. I hold moments sitting under the trees with meandering minds and the simplicity of country life in my heart.

  • it is always a great pleasure to welcome our friends from Eleusis; There seems to  be a good and healthy balance between the common practice in our shrine room, Dharmavidya's teaching ( his French is improving week by week!) often followed by a stimulating discussion..; and then of course a cup of coffee, a splash in the swimming pool and exchanging with Tara and the hens..Life seems so simple ... sometimes!

  • Wow has Tara ever grown! Adam, you seem to have shrunk?

  • Hahahaha Adam that looks great!!

    Nice to see that Tara is not afraid of the hens:-)

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