FRIDAY 24 June ~ Emotional Day

Well, it started with the shock of learning that Britain had voted to leave the EU. I really felt the shock of it. Being so often out of kilter with my fellow countrymen I perhaps shoudl have known, but the reality is something else.

Then we had a meeting that lasted all day with other members of the Amida Order. This was an affirming and positive affair with much agreement and appreciation. A really nice event.

Then a little surprise. I called Elja away from her cooking duties and drove her down to the village where I had organised for her to collect a kitten called Tara. This was a belated birthday present, her birthday having passed while she was in Netherlands. She was very touched. Tara is now busy exploring her new quarters.

This evening we shall have a service with all of our community present - a good way to celebrate our meeting together.

So, all in all, quite an emotional day.

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  • Tara is having a great time. We are also hoping to aclimatise her to the car so that when I am well enough to trvel again we do not have to leave her behind.

  • I too felt shocked when I heard that the 'Brexit' campaign had won. All day I have felt bereaved, Asif someone very special to me had died. It will take time to adjust.

    How lovely to have a new kitten, and lucky Tara to have Eleusis for her playground.
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