SATURDAY 2 June ~ A Day Out at Oasis

Today we all went to the summer open day at Oasis. There was a fine Dharma talk by Zen teacher Henri Duran from Moulins. He used the name of the centre "Oasis de Longue Vie" as the asis of an exposition of basic Zen Buddhist principles. There were then questions from the audience and Lama Sherab and I also made some small contribution to the discussions. Afterwards there was a meal on the terrace in the sunshine and a little time to wander around the grounds. It is heartening to have meetings like this with three different schools of Buddhism co-operating. Well done Annette.

Back at Eleusis we have had some change of population with the departure of the contingent from Malvern in UK and the arrival of two new guests from the Netherlands. The latter brough along two dogs. Tara the kitten is not too pleased about the canine invasion, but we are hoping they will all settle down to a modus vivendi soon.

Our courgette plants are all flowering and today I also planted out two pumpkin plants. Last night's rain is also good for the leeks.

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  • Yaya, you will certainly be welcome to come and join in with our simple life anytime you choose. Lots of love.

  • Saturday in Vancouver, after Canada day...149 years, and yesterday our prime minister Justin Trudeau expressed his respect to aboriginals who cerainly have been here far longer...
    My new home is small, and I am glad to be even less attached to things.
    Perhaps next year I will be able to come and visit Eleusis, and join you all in chanting and performing relevant daily tasks...I hope you are still making bread
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