SUNDAY 15 Jan ~ Home Again

I'm back.

My visit to UK has been full and joyous, but it is lovely to be back at Eleusis. Today I travelled from the snow in the north back to gentle rain here. My injured leg is still giving me trouble so unloading the car was a challenge. I had bought some supplies and also received many gifts while I was in England and the car was fully laden. Bringing it all in and storing everything away I now feel well set up for the cold weeks ahead.

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  • Hope you have lovely times in France. Hope your health is turning to get better.


    Namo Amida Bu


  • Great to hear from you. Do pop in en route south.

  • Hope you are doing well David even with gammy leg . I will be on my way back to France also soon after spending time with family and friends .
    Seems you have been in the wars for a while now what with yr ailments last year .. Hope this year will be great health for you .
    Much love
  • Thank you, Nati and Modgala. Yes, home sweet home. Silence, solitude and beauty. Namo Amida Bu.

  • Please take care and have a lovely winter namo amida bu and love modgala

  • I am glad for you, David. At home again! I hope  your leg heals as soon as possible,you may  relax a little bit and enjoy returning to your blessed place…the feeling of coming back home is always a relief! :)

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