TUESDAY 5 July ~ Happy at Home ~ By Elja

I have been back at Eleusis nearly two weeks. I am very happy to be home again. When I arrived it was the beginning of the Anshin Retreat. It was an intensive week and gave me an opportunity to reconnect with the Amida Sangha.

I am very happy that we have our new little community member, Tara, the kitten. It was a big surprise when David took me unexpectedly for a short car journey to the nearby village. We visited a house and there was a nest of kittens. Tara is adorable. We spend lots of time together. We want to make her into a travel cat so we take her whenever we go in the car. This is an adventure for her. She ‘helps’ with cooking, weeding, working outside, eating dinner, and joins our tea breaks in the sun. Today she even went shopping with us to the DIY shop, as you can see in the picture.

At the moment we are an ‘amitarya community’ - two amitaryas and two postulants - and, in addition, we have two visitors holidaying.

Walking without crutches is still quite a problem for me. I can manage quite well with one crutch.

My laptop has broken down again so I am unable to spend much time on the internet, but there is always a lot to do here in the garden and in the house. I particularly like working in the flower garden where there is a mix of wild and cultivated flowers jostling together. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which ones to remove in order to make room for others.

While I was away, I had a wonderful time in Den Bosch, but Holland now seems far, far away and a long time ago.

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  • Wish you much good times in Eleusis and with the garden and the flowers and Tara!

    Namo Amida Bu

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