WEDNESDAY 10 Feb - Out of Hospital & a Car Accident

It has been quite a day of ups and downs. Last night I was allowed to sleep at home but had to be in the hospital for injections, blood tests and oxygen treatment first thing this morning so we were up at a good hour and on the road to St Amand again. I duly had my various treatments. Elja went back to Eleusis and I settled down for a rest in my hospital bed.

Good Blood
Midday the doctor came and said that at last my blood tests were showing the anti-K factor in the right range. This is great news because they have been trying to get it there for ages. The first medication provoked an allergic reaction and so they had to start again with warfarin and it took more than they expected. Anyway, this was very welcome news to me because it means that I can go home on oral medication plus a blood test once a week instead of daily injections.

Car Accident
Mid-afternoon I got all my discharge information and prescriptions. Shortly afterwards, Elja arrived looking very shaken. En route she had had a collision with another car. The incident had been rather distressing with the other driver hurling abuse and she was shaken by it. Of course, it is exactly at times like this when one is tired, stressed and worried that these things happen. The accident had happened just outside the house of the other driver’s grandparents and they came and poured oil on troubled waters, which helped, apparently.

Getting Onto the local Grapevine
I was pleased with my body for being able to walk down to the car with just one walking stick, not needing a wheelchair this time. Actually walking out of the hospital gate felt good. We went to the pharmacy for my prescription and other things, including a box with sections for each day's pills so that one not forget, and then drove back to the house nearby the accident and had a chat with the grandparents. Around here, in this country area, everybody knows everybody and so we were able to make a number of connections with people we know. This all helped to settle things. Later in the evening our neighbour came and asked what had happened and later the driver of the other car and her father came to Eleusis and we got all the insurance paperwork sorted out.

It was very nice to get back home and to sit by the fire. I expect I’m going to do rather a lot of that in the weeks to come.

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  • me alegro que hayas salido del hospital David !!! Ahora a recuperarse. Love, Edu

  • Good to hear you're back home. Sad that on top of all theses worries some cars happen to hug each others... We send you a lot of warm thought and hope your body will recover. Wangmo and Cedric

  • So pleased to hear that you're back home David and your medication is doing what it's meant to do. I hope Elja has recovered from her accident and so glad that no one was physically hurt. You seem to have made peace with the people involved - not an easy thing, usually. Hoping that things will settle and become easier now you are home. Much love, Barbs x
  • so very relieved that you are home David and that Elja was not hurt in the accident...  sitting around the fire with a good cup of tea sounds like a good idea to me. Wishing you continued improvement and rest. I am driving through France on Monday/ Tuesday heading down down to the Dordogne where I have bought a bit of a ruin as a project..... When you are feeling stronger and would like a visitor would love to pop in and see you. Kind Regards Valerie x

  • Namo Amida Bu! What a day you have had...and what a way to meet your neighbours :). Glad that no one was seriously injured and that both of you were able to walk away from the hospital.
  • We're so pleased you are stable on medication and now out of hospital. Best wishes for good progress and enjoy resting at Eleusis. Love from us both, Mo & Peter X
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