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Sangha Amida   Sangha en español. Guiada por el Acharya Ganendra Óscar Martínez. En  Vitoria, Pais Vasco, España y Online para todo el mundo.    Seguimos el camino del Budismo Tierrapura, tal como es transmitido por Dharmavidya David Brazier.…

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  Il Gruppo Italiano è uno spazio di condivisione e di pratica. Ci incontriamo ogni due settimane sulla piattaforma zoom per la pratica del nembutsu e per la meditazione. E' un piccolo gruppo di persone che vivono in città diverse, che si è formato…

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The Amida Order is a Buddhist religious order practising nembutsu. It is Buddhism in the Pureland style emphasising the relation between the ordinary person - fallible, vulnerable, mortal - and the Buddhas. There is an associated congregation, Amida…

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  • Thank you, Cedric - could you put this prayer onto this site as a blog post. It would be good to have it. Thank you.

    Clcik the "ADD" button at top right.

  • Thank you so much Cedric! _/\_ :-)

  • Here is the practice translated in English : Practising in face of horror
  • Wish your Tonglen practice is in English.... sounds as a very good practice in these circumstances... 

  • Hello Elja, yes, it's nice to stay in touch. I just posted some informations about our activities.

    Also, as Wangmo is currently animating a session about Sangye Menla (the medecine Buddha), here in Saint-Martin, we had a lot of discussion about the recent event in France. Therefore I have put a link to a practice Wangmo wrote during Charlie's event. It's a Tonglen practice ajusted to the current period to help people.

  • Hello Cedric, nice to see you here too! I hope you will share some of your activities of Racines de La Presence in this group. Nice to stay in touch this way and follow each other and I hope also inspire and stimulate each other! 

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