On the day that England and Wales voted to leave the European Union, I am starting this group as a place for political comment. The aim is to create a space where all and any issue of current affairs in the world can be discussed from a spiritual perspective.

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  • David ( my previous comment didn't 'take' so attempting another).I find your judgemental generalised and therefore innately in accurate comments " The British .. The English..., provocative and .. coming from you ... almost as shocking as the result. Many of us unhappily anticipated it... as living here we are attuned. Feeling sad - loss of Scotland. Potential damage to N. Ireland peace process .. all sorts of things.. allowing emotions to settle.. to regain clarity.
  • I am gutted this morning , i really thought we would remain . I am not big on politics but i know this is a bad move ..We should be united not divided. Thanks for the invite and i look forward to the discussions. 

  • The British, especially the English, do not understand the EU as being about peace and alliance, they understand it only in terms of money and immigration. I was shocked when I read the result. The British people will be shocked as the consequences become clear. Yes, a kind of karma.

  • I too ...even betted with colleagues (!!!) on BREMAIN.... This truly democratic decision still comes as a shock... Whilts the voters decision is always right,one can wonder about the reasons that triggered that vote... We are entering terrae incognitae in both "sides"... Sad time. We need to try and make it a source for a positive change in the EU.

  • Thanks for the invite, just now I'm reflecting on what may be the consequences of what I think has been more a decision of rebellion against politics in Britain as opposed to a genuine decision on the global considerations. I think conditions which have come together are presently the 'tip of the iceberg' Is this a collective karmic consequence?
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Despite the grief, anxiety and disruption, there could also be an upside to the virus if it made people realise what matters and is essential and what is froth.  During lock-down, the carbon foot print will shrink.  Life becomes simpler.  Although there is fear and anxiety about the virus, many other worries disappear or are put on hold.  I live in a remote spot and do most of my work and communications from home on line.  The current situation thus does not impinge much on my lifestyle.  It is…

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Brexit is coming.  The government have decided that the best bet for UK survival in the coming times of economic crisis will be to hang onto American coat tails rather than club together with Europeans to withstand the hurricane when it comes.  I wonder if they are right.  I also wonder what the departure of UK will mean for the future of EU.  It would seem sensible in many ways for EU and Russia to attempt some kind of rapprochement.  There is, I believe, a major economic crisis coming.  This…

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I may be wrong. I am not an economist and even the experts cannot predict with certainty. However, as I have said before, I think we are on the brink of an economic crash. What is different about this crash is that we have not really recovered from the last one. This means we are at a tipping point. Previously, there were economic cycles in which, after each crash, growth reached a new peak before the next down turn. This meant that although crashes occurred, we were on a stepwise upward…

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BREXIT Brexit’s not a cereal to eat before your lunch; not a tasty, crispy treat that you can bite and crunch. Brexit is catastrophe that hits you in the wallet and if you are a business man you feel it like a bullet. It does not care for industry, just leaves a heap of dust, nor does it care for farmers - so much for their trust. It’s a kind of revolution so everyone must suffer to prove that it’s the real thing it throws you in the gutter. Like every revolution, it kills them ten by ten; it…

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