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A Pleasant Summer Day


These days, here at Eleusis, we are passing some time enjoying the garden and writing poetry, eating meals outside and chanting sutras into the evening.  Yesterday, in the afternoon, we visited the Parc Floral at Vernais, a fine garden open to the public.  The beauty the peaceful atmosphere, the friendly staff, the huge variety of flowering plants,  the little shop with locally made jams and a spooky hall of dolls in the forms of witches,  the rustic building that serves as a café, the well kept lawns and great stands of bamboo and accacia, the rickety bridge, the well fed carp in the stream, and the two ducks that never seem to go in the water, but waddle about the park with a proprietorial air, all conspire to create a satisfying experience to share together. 

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  • Pictures from our visit to Parc Floral at Vernais


  • Pictures from our visit to Parc Florak at Vernais


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