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Some Things We Have Done

We laid paving and erected an 18 sq metre wooden storage shed.



We created lawn all around the main buildings where previously there had been bramble and stinging nettles. The lawn has gone yellow in the current very hot weather but it will come back when the weather gets wetter.



In the lawn we dug out an area and made a rose garden


In the big barn we put in a floor creating an upstairs space


and, below it, a cool area that we now use as a refectory

1148779355?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 The most recent addition has been tht Adam laid some more paving and we erected a metal 9 sq metre building on it that we shall use for garden equipment and supplies. I added the last screws to the roof this afternoon. Now we shall have to fit it out with shelving.

1148779528?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 and Elja has been beautifying the place with flowers








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  • Since then, winter has been and gone, slowing down work considerably. Also, during this time I have been here alone. So what has happened during that time.

    There has been a complete revamp of the upstairs inside the main house so that areas that were previously storage have been freed up. This has always been an attractive area and now is even more so, though it remains uninsulated so can be very cold in mid-winter and excessively hot in summer.

    On the east side of the big barn I have started laying crazy paving in the form of a pathway out past the rose garden. There is still a lot to do, but this is part of a general plan to make the east side more attractive and accessible, especially for the warmer months.

    A big job was the installation of a stairway connecting the upper and lower floors of the barn. This is now in place and functions well.

    I have installed a small extra room in the upper part of the barn.

    There is now a partition in the downstairs, south end of the barn. eventually this will provide separate bathing and secondary kitchen areas. This also involves a lot of work liming walls. Using lime provides a very nice finish and atmosphere. It is also in keeping with the original construction of the old building. Again, there is still plenty to do.

    Most of the above are on-going projects. Whn the weather is decent, I set to. It provides a nice balance with my more cerebral work.


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