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Wood Pigs & Geese

This morning I worked in the forest. I felled a dead tree and gathered wood. Some of this will go for firewood and some will be buried in my next wood-heap garden bed (a small scale version of hugelkultur that I started doing last year and found to be effective against the summer drought). It is hard work cutting and hauling wood, but very satisfying.

3701405934?profile=RESIZE_710xOverhead geese are migrating. This morning they were, for some reason, flying in circles over the forest, crying loudly right overhead. I sat and watched them for a while. eventually they formed into four V shapes, one behind the other, and flew off toward the south.

A few months ago a small deputation came to inform me that the French government had decreed that all the wild mammals in the area were to be culled in order to stop the spread of bovine fever among meat animals on the farms. They asked me to sign a paper allowing them to come across my land. I refused. They were very understanding (they all know i am the eccentric Buddhist who lives on the hill) but said there was nothing i could do and that the leader of the local hunt would sign on my behalf explaining the circumstance. I don't know for sure if the cull took place because I was away travelling at the appointed time. However, I have since seen deer locally and this morning I saw tracks of sanglier (wild pig) as I was walking to the forest, so the cull cannot have been 100% efficient, which is some mercy.


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  • Thank you for this lovely sharing of your experiences in nature. I can imagine you sitting there with the geese flying over your head.... Nature is so wonderful. Very fascinating ! Happy to hear some off the deers and sangliers still live. So sad they have to die because of meat-eating people. Your wood must be a grace for the animals... as it seems to be for you. This morning we made a very beautiful walk by bicycle through the hills over here and on sunday we are planning a walk 13 km in the forests. The other days we where working very hard in our land too. As Daniël has a rupture in his shoulder, I do the hard work..... !!!! What a gift to be able to live in the country-side and do all this hard work. Really it is very satisfying, This is also my experience. Working hard with our hands in the ground and seeing the fruit off the work on the table and being able to share this with visitors. Seeing green and flowers and trees grow. Imagining how the things will be in the summer when we are planting in autumn. Sun, rain, cold, ... all the seasons following each other. With the Buddha's supporting us, Sending you love from the beautiful Pays de Collines, Hope this beautiful nature will not be lost in 50-100 years.....Namo Amida Bu9108776672?profile=original

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