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FRIDAY 25 Dec - Christmas Day

We had a day mostly devoted to Aphrodite. We took our new statue to be blessed in the Buddha hall and chanted a lot of nembutsu...

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After a snack we went out to Aphrodite's sacred field, enjoying the warm sunshine and did some clearing toward th

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WEDNESDAY 23 Dec 2015

It has been quite a day. Not easy to convey. We had a discussion in the early hours of the morning - one of those where you are not entirely sure what you are talking about but you know it is important. The past few days there has been someth

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This is a space for the discussion of polyamory, a movement that is attracting attention, especially in America, that raises fundamental questions about conventional relationships and the norms and taboos that surround them. Some of us have been foll

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SUNDAY 20 Dec 2015

It is hard to believe we are so close to Christmas and the end of the year, the weather is so mild. Around the area where we are staying there are buttercups flowering - they should not be out until February. We have enjoyed our stay with Maitrisimha

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  • 379467641?profile=RESIZE_180x180 Stephen greenberg
  • 1.What lead you to switch from Zen to Pure Land?
  • 2.How did you know you were ready to teach?
  • 3.Why did you create Amida Shu as opposed to aligning with Jodo Shu?

SHORT ANSWERS: 1. Natural progression; 2. Acknowle

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MONDAY 14 DEC: Onward to Belgium

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We spent last night at the home of Susthama and Damian in Watford. We had many good conversations and reflections upon the retreat in Malvern of the past week. Their daughter, Selena, age 3, had asked if I would take her to nursery school thi

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I have pulled this up from the "Different languages" discussion because a member has been showing it to men and women and getting very different reactions. What do you make of it. If the woman asking a straigh-forward question and the man being evasi

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SATURDAY 12 DEC: A Day of Chanting

1148753026?profile=RESIZE_320x320It is traditional in Far Eastern Buddhism to hold a retreat at the beginning of December and in our school this retreat includes a period of extended chanting, so, today, we spent twelve hours chanting the nembutsu invocation of Amitabha Buddha. We a

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QUESTION: What does Aphrodite mean to you personally?

SHORT ANSWER: Love and freedom.

1148752827?profile=originalLONG ANSWER: I have a strong personal connection because of having spent much of my childhood in Cyprus which is the island of Aphrodite. In the ancient world she h

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