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SUMMER: And so to Korea

I have given up giving daily reports for a while now as one day can be much like another at Eleusis, but when one looks back there has been a lot of work in the garden and keeping the place in good order, visitors coming and going with wonderful conv

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After some hot days that dried the soil out completely we are now plunged into a cold snap. It is actually deluging down hail as I write and a very cold night is forecast. This is not great weather either for plants or folk. I tried planting a few to

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MONDAY 16 Jan ~ Post Travel

It has been a post-travel day. I have been occupied with recharging the car battery (the car is an electric-petrol hybrid), bringing in the rest of the things from the car (not so easy with a gammy leg),  unpacking, organising the things I brought ba

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SUNDAY 15 Jan ~ Home Again

I'm back.

My visit to UK has been full and joyous, but it is lovely to be back at Eleusis. Today I travelled from the snow in the north back to gentle rain here. My injured leg is still giving me trouble so unloading the car was a challenge. I had bo

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MONDAY 21 November ~ Sudden Storm

Today we have had extraordinary weather. This morning was like a summer's day. Balmy. Then thunder. Then heavy clouds rolled in and brought a torrent of rain. Sitting in the refectory at such times is a remarkable experience - inside and outside at t

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SUNDAY 24 July - from Elja

1148779498?profile=RESIZE_320x320This morning we had a service. For the past two weeks I have been bellmaster. Adam explained it all to me. I have quite a few texts to learn by heart. I am enjoying it very much. It gives me a much stronger sense of involvement in the rituals. The be

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